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Tracking millions of dollars of activity.


Viewing $M's of spend

Problem: Here we were looking at mapping a complex web of millions of dollars of unmonitored activity between a dynamic set of variables including projects, companies, activities, field operators and supervisors.

What they do: Mr Financial was built to operate in a fast-paced, high performance environment with a multitude of projects, sites, companies, supervisors, contractors, employees and field operators.

Solution: We took this complex process and made it simple for the user while taking care of all of the complexity in the back ground.


This prototype design put a lens over millions of dollars of spend to enable management to identify savings opportunities.

High performance usually requires high speed, which was the case here were a large volume of information was flowing through to managers for their approval, manually via email and spreadsheet.

The Context and Challenge.

High speed, highly complex.

This presented a large number of business drawbacks. Firstly, there was no way that management would be able to mentally process all of the liens on the spreadsheet as it would likely take all day. 

Project background and description

This meant that drawings against projects, by field workers were largely going unchecked.

Dynamic website design is difficult to do correctly and quickly, unless of course you iterate and keep things simple.


Which is what we did here. We had some budget to work with which meant that we could bring in the resources we needed to pump up the velocity of the project.


The goal here was to take a multi-layered, multi-million dollar, unmonitored part of the business and make it simple for management to monitor it.

The Problem.

No tracking of millions.

Each site has projects and each project has companies that work on it and each company has field operators that work for them, but sometimes field operators will work on more than one project at a time and sometimes they will work for the same work group on multiple projects and sometimes they wont… ok, you get the idea.


It was a complex process with a financial web that meant that it was impossible to keep track of who was charging for what.

Project goals and objectives

Process and Insight.

Background handling of complexity.

The main challenge here was to build a dynamic information architecture that would allow for all of the complexities mentioned above.


This information architecture would need to capture that chaos in the background and present a simple interface to the field operator. 

Starting from spreadsheets and emails across many people, teams, projects, work groups and financial implications, the objective here was simple, consolidate. Bring everything into one place.

Working through our options, we iterated many times on the information architecture to make the complex simple.


The key insights here were that we needed to allow the right kind of relationships between various users and what they could do within the prototype. 

After testing a few designs we found that a balance between enabling the user to have enough options on each screen and not overwhelming the user with complexity.


Field operators would likely be operating in harsh conditions and under a lot of pressure.


So while we wanted to be able to capture the required level of detail of information, we needed to do it in a way that made it easy.

The Solution

The Results

We set out to design a prototype that would simplify a complex process to allow a high performing business to keep pace, while adding a wealth of insight over it’s spending.


Automating the manual spreadsheet and email set up was part of this objective.


This react app design did exactly that. We were able to build out a single source for all information to be easily input by the field operator. The background Information Architecture would then to the grunt work to simplify the chaos which delivered management with a clean view over what is being spent by who within the business.


If you’ve got questions about a wix website, web design services, website optimisation, prototype design or how to create a react app, or anything tech related, hit us up!

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