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Stream-lining Business for Growth


Spreadsheet bottleneck.

Problem: PCF presented an exciting opportunity where the business owner was taking orders in a spreadsheet and manually processing them. This meant it was a slow, inefficient process creating a bottleneck for business production.

What they do: PCF is a meal delivery service for those that take gains seriously. You order meals from their website to your specific macro requirements. Think 250g chicken, 50g brown rice, 10g olive oil. They cook them and deliver them to your door.

Solution: We developed a dynamic website that took the form of a bespoke ordering platform which enabled customers to place their own orders. Shopping lists were automatically generated for our client and the whole process was streamlined with a responsive design.


This prototype design relieved the bottleneck for the business enabling it to run more efficiently for increased profits and the ability to grow rapidly while increasing customer satisfaction.

Matt was running a successful meal delivery service targeting body builders. His business was great because it allowed those training for a competition to order meals that matched their required intake to the gram.

The Context and Challenge.


Success was making business difficult, believe it or not. It was hard to cope with all of the orders, coming in one by one from the form on the website. A new website was needed.

Project background and description

So we sat down to scope out how we could ingest orders seamlessly and let the business get some serious gains. We looked at all options including a wix website, website optimisation and overall web design and development.

The timeline was urgent, the budget was tight and the overarching purpose of the job was to fix the bottle neck created by the inefficient order-taking process from the website.

Because time was tight we worked in intense half-day sessions ironing out the requirements for this dynamic website through a prototype design. Being a fledgling business, there wasn’t a lot of money to throw around, but still we weren’t looking at building another single page website and there wasn’t enough money to create a react native app (one that you download onto your phone).

So here we were flexible with our level of involvement and alternated between low and medium levels of involvement in web design services. This allowed Matt to save money by doing some of the grunt work, guided by us.


The end result is that he got a prototype design and responsive website for much less.

The purpose of the job was to create an elegant, engaging, easy-to-use new website that would enable Bodybuilders to order their meals more easily and importantly for Matt to be able to grow the business through time saving.

The Problem.

No Automation.

While Matt had a great business going, orders were placed in an inefficient way. There was a contact form on the website that had a few fields where you would type in what you wanted to order based on what the menu said was available and of course your meal plan, remember, you’re a body builder. 


This meant that at Matt’s end he was getting individual orders from each customer, in a static format. There was no way to automatically total up how much chicken he had to buy that week, for example. Then when prepping the meals, he had to manually print out the orders and make sure that the right amount of food was going in the right container. From there delivery was another issue, address lists would need to be generated manually. You can probably image a few other inefficiencies in this process, but we’ll leave it at that for now.

Project goals and objectives

Process and Insight.

Keep it simple.

Given that Matt had intimate knowledge of the entire process including the clientele, we worked exclusively from his existing know-how.


We also needed to move quickly and we believe that testing and iteration is the key building great products when you’re in a rush and there is already money coming into the business.

Relieving the bottlenecks mentioned above were the main objectives for this responsive web design. So, taking orders, totalling required ingredients, taking payment, delivering meals.

To start we laid out the landscape including the vision, mission statement, core values, key stakeholders and plans for growth to build the foundations of the project.


We quickly moved on to gathering the requirements for the website optimisation to determine what it needs to be able to do. Following the basic requirements we worked through use cases to better define the different kinds of users and their roles. Remember that Matt needs to see another side of the platform than the customer.

During this process we uncovered many insights about the audience the business and the industry. Our web design and development process includes working with those who are experts, in this case, Matt had it covered. 

The common thread here was that a no-nonsense approach was preferred. This influenced the design of the order-forms as rather than having the user walk through a guided process with multiple screens, we enabled the user to get it all done on one page.


While this posed some challenges aesthetically, we determined that it was ultimately for the benefit of Matt and his customers and was the best way to relieve the bottlenecks we mentioned.

The Solution

The Results

We started with some simple but painful challenges. There were bottle necks in the business that needed to be relieved in order for it to be able to grow.


Enabling customers to place orders easily, receiving orders in a logical and efficient way, totalling required weekly ingredients, making the serving of meals quick and easy and simplifying the delivery process. We design simple and elegant solutions to meet all our key challenges. 


Customers could place orders easily with a no-nonsense meal builder. They could then save their meals so that they could re-order with a single click the next time.


Our responsive web design included a dashboard that enabled Matt to see at a glance, what he needed to buy for the week, what meal it needed to go in and the status of each meal. Then we auto generated a delivery list for him so that he was off in a flash.


If you’ve got questions about a wix website, web design services, website optimisation, prototype design or how to create a react app, or anything tech related, hit us up!

Take the next step with your project.

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