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Down Under Quarterly: Q1-2020

What’s New?

Berejiklian launches interest free loans for solar batteries

The NSW Government’s Empowering Homes scheme is running a pilot program in the Hunter region, offering up to $14,000 in interest free loans for solar and battery system installation. Success could see the scheme run Statewide.

Australian first Biogas initiative

The Logan City Biosolids Gasification Project is seeking investment to turn the Loganholme Wastewater Treatment Plant’s 90 tonnes per day of waste product into carbon neutral energy.

Swedish startup to revolutionise solar storage

Azelio’s wind and solar storage solution uses recycled aluminium to provide round the clock renewable energy without using water or batteries. A new system is set to be installed at Morocco’s 580-MW Noor Ouarzazate hybrid solar power complex.

Final thoughts

The COVID 19 pandemic has thrown global markets into uncertainty this quarter.

BloombergNEF forecasts for global solar has followed the downward trend across all markets in the last two weeks.

The domestic solar market, however, seems set for short term boom, with Bondi Beach’s Smart Energy Group experiencing a 41% surge in sales.

Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group has some big projects hanging in the balance as it recovers from its March 9 low of $8.58. Further fluctuations can be expected with volatility increasing and international restrictions could cast doubt on Twiggy’s planned Sun Cable for Singapore.

A similar shadow may have fallen over the controversial TerraPower expansion into Australia, but Bill Gates has joined a global change of focus this week. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are assisting Brisbane company Vaxxas with a potential vaccine for the Coronavirus.

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