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Saving $180K a year in paper costs.


Saving business costs, going digital.

Problem: Paper forms were being used to capture and store safety information, making it hard to analyse and make informed decisions on safety data.

What they do: The Miner's Mate prototype design was for use in the mining industry, one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Activities can be hazardous and it's critical to know where the danger is and what's being done about it.

Solution: Here we digitised forms into a fit-for-purpose elegant safety platform where Field Operators can easily share hazards with their supervisors. Saving the business $180K+ per site, per year.

Beyond savings, this also allowed everyone to know exactly where the danger was and it enabled management to make informed decisions to increase safety on site.

Tip was working at a fast-moving high-performing mining company when he realised that there were some out dated processes that could be streamlined. Health and Safety information was being captured on paper forms.

The Context and Challenge.

Rampant inefficiency. 

This meant that there were a lot of logistical inefficiencies, hinderances to decision making and money being wasted. So Tip reached out to get this problem fixed.

Project background and description

Like many software projects, we needed to move as quickly as possible. We had some budget here to bring in the resources required to make the project move quickly. The purpose of the job was clear, digitise the paper forms.

The Problem.

Information trapped on paper.

It’s easy to see that on the surface, a paper form is not the best way to capture information. There were however many nuances that fed off this fact. These booklets had to be designed, a printer found, printed, distributed to site, distributed to supervisors who distributed them to their team.


From there, the forms still need to be carried around, filled out, collected, analysed and stored. When you line up all of those events and have to repeat the process continually, you see that there is a lot of money being lost and opportunities for business efficiency being overlooked.

Project goals and objectives

Process and Insight.

Change without disturbance.

Our workflow on this project focused on simplicity for stability. Taking into account the fact that we were operating in a dangerous industry, we took the approach of creating as little disruption as possible.


This meant that the workflow was relatively simple as we took the existing forms and replicated them in a beautiful UI.

Here the goal was simple, to digitise the forms through a react native app (one that you download to an iPhone or iPad). We wanted to centralise the Health and Safety data.

Iterating on this we introduced some communications mechanisms for management so that they were able to use a responsive website to communicate back to their teams, based on the information they were getting in from the field.

The Solution

The Results

We set out to design a prototype that would simplify a complex process to allow a high performing business to keep pace, while adding a wealth of insight over it’s spending.


Automating the manual spreadsheet and email set up was part of this objective.


This react app design did exactly that. We were able to build out a single source for all information to be easily input by the field operator. The background Information Architecture would then to the grunt work to simplify the chaos which delivered management with a clean view over what is being spent by who within the business.


If you’ve got questions about a wix website, web design services, website optimisation, prototype design or how to create a react app, or anything tech related, hit us up!

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