Problem establishment

Working to understand what the current problem is and define it in language that suits the brand’s vision.


Market Research

Identify, analyse and make recommendations for your brand’s market.


Product Market-fit analysis

Determine how well your product may or may not be received by  your described market.


Long-term Strategy

This piece requires all of the above to be done, either by MYI or someone else. Can make recommendations based on existing set-up.



Here you get the details of what you'll get and why you'd want it.

Let's talk IT Strategy, App development and Support

IT Strategy

Business model development

Clarify how your idea will make money, what it will take to run it, so you get a clear idea of what needs to happen.


Go-to market plan

Definition of target market to guide the go-to-market strategy writeup and sales pipeline.


Competitive analysis

Deep analysis of your closest competitors. Recommendations on your sustainable competitive advantage.


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Apps and websites

Apps and websites

Website redesign

Updating the aesthetic to give the brand a modern look and feel.


app review

A thorough review of the use of your mobile application with recommended improvements.


UX group review

Using 5 defined individual testers and a scientific method to get an unbiased, neutral review of the usability and perceived usefulness of your application.


Pathways review

Reviewing all of the possible pathways that a potential user could take to reach your mobile application and achieve the intended outcome.


Bug fix and support

Technical Support

Make sure your application is in good hands with bug fixing and technical support to improve your product.


Release testing

Test each release with an unbiased, honest review or your application to get moving.




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